Black Mountain Circle

Point Reyes Books is proud to be affiliated with Black Mountain Circle, a non-profit organization that explores the intersection of story, spirit, and nature.  Founded in 2016 by former bookstore owners Kate Levinson and Steve Costa, Black Mountain Circle offers author events, retreats, book groups, and literary publications.
Black Mountain Circle 2017 Programs
Geography of Hope
The Geography of Hope conference is considered one of northern California’s most exceptional literary festivals, featuring conversations with noted writers, poets, artists, activists, and naturalists.
• “Ancestors & the Land: Our Past, Present & Future,” March 17 to 19, 2017. Honoring ancestral connections to West Marin and other landscapes leading to dialogues between generations and cultures to help us reconnect to place and restore balance to Mother Earth.
Spiritual Ecology
• Ecological renewal, sustainability, and right action depend on our examining our underlying attitudes and beliefs about the earth, recognizing our responsibility for the planet, and cultivating spiritual awareness.
• Daylong retreats in West Marin and monthly speaker series in Oakland.
• Weekend retreats for millennials will immerse up to 100 environmental activists and students (ages 18 to 30 years old) in spiritual ecology awareness practices, service, and community-building.
Money & Spirit
Though we use it every day, we know so little about how we truly feel about money. Break the taboo of talking about our inner relationship with money, both as individuals and societies.
• “Giver, Receiver & Gift” webinar series beginning in February, combines Buddhist, psychological, and spiritual perspectives about money led by San Francisco Zen Center (SFZC) Abiding Abbess Linda Ruth Cutts and Kate Levinson. Sponsored by SFZC.
• “Women, Money, Spirit” conference on Saturday, April 29, at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Explore money through the lens of spirit, psychology, social justice, race, religion, finance, and philanthropy.
Death, Dying & Grief
How we approach the inevitable—our loved one’s passing and our own—can instruct us on how to live our lives.
• Annual Grieving Ritual with psychotherapist and author Francis Weller.
• Daylong retreat with Stephen Jenkinson from the Orphan Wisdom School.
• “Making Friends with Death” workshops with Devi Weisenberg and Rev. Elizabeth River.
• End-of-life conversations with authors and practitioners.
Book Groups, Publications & Special Projects
Ongoing author events and book groups and support for local literary publications.
• Conversations with writers on the intersection of story, spirit, and nature.
• “Aging as a Spiritual Practice” book group led by Rev. Elizabeth River, beginning in January. The next book is David Whyte's Consolations.
• Fiscal sponsorship of literary projects including the West Marin Review, Inverness Almanac, and Mount Vision Press.