Marin's Mountain Play - One Hundred Years of Theatre on Mount Tamalpais

West Marin Book Release Party Book Signing & Sing•a•Long Elisabeth Ptak, Author • Tom Killion, Cover Artist Sara Pearson, Mountain Play Executive Director

Featuring musical tributes from Mountain Play Stars of the Past PLUS! Ice Cream Sandwiches made with Bovine Bakery cookies & Straus ice cream by pastry chef & cookbook author Claire Ptak Co-sponsored by Point Reyes Books and WildNature Calendars and Cards. In 1913, a trio of intrepid hikers first proposed producing plays in a natural amphitheatre two thousand feet above sea level on Mount Tamalpais. The Mountain Play was born that year and—despite fog, rain, rattlesnakes, heat, cold, bomb threats, and financial worries—the annual shows continue to enchant audiences a century later. Marin’s Mountain Play, One Hundred Years of Theatre on Mount Tamalpais describes the theatre’s lively history with historic photos accompanied by the delightful and dramatic stories of the people behind the plays—people like playwright Dan Totheroh who concocted a legend about a sleeping lady atop Mount Tam that, for better or worse, has become part of local lore. Like landscape architect Emerson Knight and the Civilian Conservation Corps members who built the theatre’s indigenous stone seating. Like actor John McDill, a towering figure both on stage and in real life. Like director James Dunn who brought his unique combination of sensitivity and ex-Marine sternness to the thirty plays he staged on the mountain. And like producer Marilyn Smith—at just four feet eleven inches, she was tiny in stature, but her ideas were big, and they helped revive the struggling organization which celebrates its one hundredth anniversary this year.